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suggiJune 12, 2011

I have a very unfriendly neighbor and can not approach him on any subject. I found that out when I offered to pay to prune the hedge they own between part of the property separating our houses. Never ask again and it is unruly forsitia that is a mile high with maple trees growing out of it. They never go outside or do anything in their yard. They do have 2 bird feeders and a bird bath that they never empty or clean and it is very near my house and I am afraid of all the mosquito larvae that must be in it. It is the dirtiest ever. Is there anything I can put in the water that would kill the larvae and not hurt the birds (although I have never seen a bird go anywhere near that dirty thing -- smart birds). I need something my neighbor would not see as they do pass it to go from their car to the house and back. That is the only time they are outside. Otherwise you would not know anyone lives there.

I have grandchildren that come over and likie to play outside and I am out working in the garden, etc. also and for this time of year the mosquitoes are terrible. I think it may have something to do with next door.

Please if you have any suggestions what to put in the birdbath when they are not home would be greatly appreciated. Can not report them to the town hall or they would know it was me -- no one else would be able to see the birdbath.

Thanks much.

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

suggi- you could crumble some Mosquito Dunks in it- won't hurt the birds. you can buy them at big box or garden stores or online. you will have to keep doing it though, as they eventually dissolve.
don't get caught! we have a neighbor like yours and i am actually fearful of his rage! sorry you have one too.

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There are some drops that they sell at Wild Birds Unlimited. I can't tell you the name of it, but it is supposed to help control algae and change the surface tension so that mosquitoes can't breed in the water.

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