Weed or not?

jokergirlJune 6, 2007

I was wondering if anyone had any clue as to what this stuff is. It grows like weeds in our yard, takes over just about everything, is extremely thorny, but is really beautiful when it blooms.

I've been trying to find an ID for it for several years now without much success. About the only thing I've been told is that people have a really hard time growing it in Indiana, but no one seems to have a name for it.

My Grandma fell it love with it when she was visiting a couple of years ago, so I'd love to find an ID for it.\

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Looks like Robinia hispida.

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Could well be "Robinia hispida", Bristly Locust. Labled as an "aggressive grower" a term often used for native invasive species of plants. Grows and spreads aggressively from the roots.

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