found hidden piles of strawberries!

Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6bJune 24, 2013

What critter gathers food for later at this time of the year? In the past couple of days I've found small piles of strawberries at the edge of the bed. At first I didn't think anything of it but today there is a small pile and a bigger pile in two places. What is gathering strawberries into a pile? I really doubt it's squirrels, I have cats and I've never seen a squirrel anywhere. Rabbits? Are they that smart? Not birds because there isn't a bite taken out of any of the berries. I do have a fox who drives me crazy. Would a fox do that? I am at war with the fox. S/He likes my chickens in a totally different way than I do.

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Could it be a chipmonk I wonder?

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Or raccoons? I took a shot at the fox last night. NO strawberry piles this morning. Coincidence?

The fox shooting was too much like a Road Runner cartoon. I shot, fox jumped straight up in the air, changed directions while in the air and took off like a rocket. Will s/he be back? Probably.

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