Question About Overwintering Tomatoes

minisamboraJune 7, 2012

Ok so here is the deal I have been gardening in Phoenix for 4 years and last year I decided I am going to try and make it so I have tomatoes year round, and basically I have it figured out for the last year so this fall will be my first time replanting for this method. Long story short here is my question if I plant tomato seeds in late fall and cover them in just a plastic cover without to keep them from freezing will that be enough to keep them healthy till it warms up. The reason I ask is I know things like corn can get stunted growth if they are exposed to cold so as long as I keep the tomatoes from freezing they should be ok for the spring correct? Anyways I would have liked to explain more but I would have two more pages to write. Anyways thanks

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I tried overwintering peppers couple years ago, mediocre success but I'm not sure winter in Phoenix is close enough to winter in CT to compare results. GL :)

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Does it freeze in Phoenix ? .

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On Overwintering tomatoes and peppers, just use indeterminate tomato varities, they live for many years if taken care of. I overwintered 6 pepper and 8 tomato plants, the cherry tomatoes never stopped producing even in winter while other went dormant and woke up like crazy. I would not pull out the healthy tomatoe plants this season, but prune them sometime in mid Jan to early Feb to stimulate growth, also fertilize at that time.

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