Doe in the front yard

kwilson(Z6 KY)June 28, 2007

I live on the outskirts of the city. Step across my back fence and you're in the county. So I guess I get the best of both. I went out about 4:00a.m. last week to throw out some trash and when I turned around there was the prettiest doe about 15 feet from me just looking at me. Guess she wanted to see what it was like in the city:)

I moved toward her and she just stood there. I finally got her to go between the houses and back to the woods behind the house. Where's a camera when you need one.

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How nice!

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That's so neat! We live in Northern CA and in parts of our county deer are present often throughout the year. The first time we ever had them at our house was this last winter. Not sure why, they just came down more for whatever reason. Like you if they stepped into the yard we just chased them back up the mountain. The funny part is one day three does came down, walked through my yard and made a beeline for my Mary Rose rose. Of all the things to choose from she knew what represented dinner! I shooed her away before she could nibble but yes they are just so beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.


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