tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)May 27, 2011

I have a nasty infestation of nutsedge in a landscape bed, probably because I didn't know to completely remove all of the soil 5' down and replace with non-infested soil before I started planting. I have herbs in the bed, rosemary & basil. Does anyone know of a way to kill the nutsedge without killing my plants? I've read that dry molasses will get rid of it, I guess by improving the soil? Would it truly be as simple as amending the area? Or should I just give up and call it "monkey grass"?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

There's a specific herbicide for nutsedge that doesn't kill grass or harm other plants, "IMAGE". There's also another one, but I can't think of it's name right now.

It's a little expensive, but it's sold as a concentrate and the bottle I bought years ago still works. I keep it mixed up in a little spray bottle to use on nutsedge outbreaks. It has never harmed my grass or other plants and works very well, but nutsedge keeps coming in with some of the compost I get, which contains the seeds from horse manure.

There will be a list on the bottle of what plants it kills and what to be careful around. Nutsedge is really hard to get rid of any other way. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: About

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Lynn Marie

The other product is called Manage, and it more difficult to find. I think a couple of other companies are also beginning to make chemicals that kill it. If the area isn't too big, pull, pull, pull, then pull some more. Once you pull it once, several more will be back. But if you keep it up, you will eventually get it all out. (I speak from experience.) You may want to try a combination of both pulling and chemicals. But once you start pulling, you can't stop.

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If you go with Image, check the directions. I missed that it would harm cannas and killed several with it. If you pull, try to get them with 3 to 5 leaves. It will have used the energy in the nut then and be less likely to return.

I don't think improving the soil will get rid of it. Especially since most herbs like poor soil better than rich soil.

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I use purple cap round up. I use a tiny craft brush, and paint it on several of the plants. It will kill the plant you put it on, and any other plants attached to it by the root. I just skip around, painting random plants. You will not believe all the plants that die from just painting one plant. The nutsedge is attached to each other by the roots, that is why it is so hard to get rid of. If you leave just a small portion of the root, it is back. I have found that the purple cap round up works best for me. It takes 7 days for it to kill the nutsedge. It will not effect the herbs, as long as you just paint it on the nutsedge. Do not spray, or it will kill the herbs. Barbra

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alameda/zone 8

A gardner I respect told me that the Poison Ivy Roundup works best kill weeds. I bought some, havent tried it yet, but to kill nutgrass - I am going to try Image and the PI Roundup, and also plan to get some of the purple cap Roundup. Hit it with everything!

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I had never heard of the roundup poison ivy killer. After reading about it, I would not use it anywhere near my plants. I use the purple cap roundup. It is $110 at Wal-mart, but they mark it down in the spring half price, that is when I get mine. What is good about it. It will kill weeds, or unwanted grass. When I want a new flowerbed. I outline the new bed with a garden hose, then spray the inside with my roundup. In 7 days, the grass is dead. I then till the area, add mulch. I can plant my new plants in this new bed after it is tilled. I use the dead grass as extra mulch. At the coast what looks to be just a thin hair looking weed, has roots that are as big as your fist. The roundup kills the roots, so that the weeds to not come back, but its safe enought to be able to plant on in 7 days. Barbra

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How much purple cap roundup do you get for $110?

How much weedy area does it cover?

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It's one gallon. It's the cheapest at SAM's $99. One gallon last me over a year. Barbra

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