the animals love eating my driveway

catherinet(5 IN)June 30, 2008

Hi all,

Every day, the bunnies and sometimes squirrels spend alot of time in my gravel driveway, chewing, chewing chewing. Are they just after grit? I know my chickens need grit, but do bunnies and squirrels? It seems like more than that. Yesterday, several of the bunnies seemed to be there for hours, just chewing away, into the dust based of the gravel driveway. What's going on?

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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

ok, you don't have any takers at all, and although I really don't have the answer either, I am, of course full of guesses.

what kind of trees flank the areas where you see them most? Are there ash trees/ Hickories? THe ash trees dropped their seeds a while back, but since they lie flat on the ground you might not notice them from a distance and it could look like the animals were instead munching rock. THe hickories are droppong early nuts too...some of our younger trees began letting loose of smaller nuts weeks ago and now the BIG NUTS are booming down. Could there be a pignut tree in the area??

If they aren't after seeds or nuts then I really have no idea what they're getting. Yop need to get as close as possible and really reaaly REALLY inspect this. THere is an answer to the just have to go find it.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks dirtgirl,
I'd almost given up on anyone answering this. I knew you would eventually be the one! :)
I'm wondering if they are sharpening their teeth????
Hopefully its not antifreeze droppings.
Its really weird! Their are a couple holes in the gravel that are about 2" deep! Is it like a salt lick for deer???
Are they trying to raise their pH???

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