Bigtime Pigweed Problem

purepalomaJuly 13, 2008

Pigweeds are getting out of hand on a property that we are experimenting with trees on. (Arizona)

I believe they are Redroot Pigweeds. We can't spray due to the trees being young and instead have been mechanically taking care of them -- but it's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge !!

Just purchased a Weed-Wiper which we hope will help with controlling the weeds down the rows of trees. (We are receiving it this week so haven't used it yet, considering using Glyphosate)

50 Acres (Also plan on future inter-cropping down the rows....possibly things that could also play weed control parts) --- Basically a BIG garden !

Thought of clover as another option later.

Trying to put together a weed control gameplan...any thoughts ? Thanks

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There are many people I know that use pigweed as a green manure or cover crop. I would just keep mowing them, and maybe even consider tilling them into the soil. There is no good reason to spray a poison on them.

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I would love to know how the rotowiper worked for you.

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