In general, how long before I see the 'FRUITS' of my labor?

too_many_pets(LI Z7)June 22, 2005

This is the third year that I'm adding plantings that will hopefully attract more birds and wildlife to my property. 2 summers ago I planted a Serviceberry-Amelanchier "Brilliantissima" I believe. It does flower, but no fuit yet. Last summer I planted a few Viburnum and Roundleaf Dogwood. I also planted a Black Cherry tree, and 2 tiny Red Mulberry seedlings. I just put an American Hazelnut in the ground. Will I be able to see birds feasting anytime soon, in your experience. THANKS!!

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TMP: I have serviceberries this year on plants that I put in last year. One is a running serviceberry and it is loaded with berries. I have other viburnums that had a few berries last year and they were planted the year before. I think they were fairly large plants to begin with. On all the newer plants that started much smaller, I'm seeing some flowering and a few berries the second year around. I don't have much experience beyond that. Someone mentioned 7 years to a nice border.

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Species differ. Prunus species (chokecherries, black cherries) fruit relatively soon, viburnums relatively late, dogwoods somewhere in between. Pretty much everything blooms within three or four years; most plants fruit very sparsely if at all the first year they bloom but heavier thereafter. It also depends, of course, on the amount of sun, the weather, etc. I started with vary small bareroot plants, and I found that it was 5 years to something that looked like a mature thicket, with lots of fruit.

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