poison ivy!!!! Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section

Tabbi1117July 18, 2014

First off let me apologize ahead of time if I posted this in the wrong section however I have been led to believe that poison ivy is a weed.
My question.....How do you get rid of it.
I tried a landscaper and that didn't work I told him I wanted it removed and for it to never come back, well it came back. When I was young I could run through it and play in it for hours (not that I did) and never got any kind of irritation from it. All of a sudden this summer I started weeding my flower bed and it turns out that this stuff and me are no longer friends. I had it so bad I was admitted to the hospital for a few days.
Unfortunately there was nothing in writing for the job that the landscaper did so I can't even prove that I hired him to remove it and he is refusing to come back and do the job right. I am tired of this stuff taking over the front of my house, it looks ugly and it's proven dangerous to myself.
I want it gone how do I got about doing so? I have been told just a high quality weed killer would to the trick is this true and if so what brand is recommended?

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Even if all of the roots of some of these plants are removed, if there are seeds from another source around then you will get new growth. Careful removal of all of the roots can help keep this stuff under control, but if there is another plant someplace where birds can get the fruit and plop the seeds down into your garden you will have more plants growing.

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