Challenge #2-- Here we go again

timvidJune 21, 2006

OK, I think this one will be a lot easier, but I can't guarantee it. Who can figure out what this is (specifically)? I'll hold off on any clues for a while.


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Hibiscus recepticle (after bloom)?

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Well that wasn't very fun, was it? hellotx, you're too good. Yes, it's the receptacle from the giant blooms on this rose mallow. I'll have to do better next time.


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Tim, I posted your first picture on our MG forum and nobody got it. One person identified the part but nobody knew it was Stokes Aster. At least one person grows them and had never "seen" this. It sparked interest in looking much closer at our plants. We tend to look at the plant as a whole or under a microscope for identifying diseases and critters eating them, but not at this level. Thanks!!! (They liked your website, too!)

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Actually it was very fun. I was so excited I actually knew something :). Thank you for posting these. Keep em comin.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

ok well I knew it was an after flower thing! Does that count? LOL

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