Brush pile Q: Morning glory or other vine?

cali1023June 1, 2008

The far back corner of my yard never gets any sun. It was barren for a while, and then I tried a couple of the "fast-growing" vines, but there just wasn't enough sun to get anything going.

It ended up becoming my brush pile corner. I credit the brush pile with my salamander sighting earlier this year, and the birds are really settling in as well.

Anyway, I've been aggressive about pulling morning glory seedlings, but there are about five little ones growing on the perimeter of the pile right now, I got to thinking maybe it would look nice rambling over the wood.

Any ideas what I should do from the wildlife perspective? Is morning glory bad for creatures?

Any other improvements I could make to the brush pile, besides just adding more wood as it comes?

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I don't think the vines would be bad for the creatures. I occasionally throw some cut limbs on the pile and the leafy foliage provides a bit of extra cover. I think the vine would have a similar effect.

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