No rain = tons of weeds?

SunshineAnnieDeb(5)July 14, 2005

Is it just my luck, or are the weeds especially bad this year? We are at -8" of rainfall this summer and it seems like all I do is weed weed weed! And yet they pop right back. And some types that I've never seen here before. Are there some kinds of weeds that actually need excess dry/hot to germinate? I'm really starting to look forward to winter. And I hate winter!

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I am having the same experience here in S.E. Michigan. Weeds that I have never seen before and weeds that I have been able to control by pulling, but this year are running RAMPANT!! A normal summer means about one hour per week of weeding. This year, it has been more like 4 hours per week. AAAARRRGGHHHH!!

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Is it really dry there too?

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i read vinegar will kill weeds-but will it kill the grass also in the area where i will be planting-which is what i want it to do-also will i be able to but it near my plants without hurting the plant while the garden is growing.thanks for any reply.

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