worried about carolina wren hatchings

savingtessJune 5, 2012

I'm really concerned about some carolina wren hatchings. We first spotted the mother wren around 3 or 4 weeks ago as she had nested inside of our spring door wreath. We started using the side door and sometimes we woul forget, but we did for the most part very well. Everything seemed fine when we first saw the babies inside the nest. It's been 3 days and all we can see is the mother or father bird sitting inside the nest. We are worried because how would the babies breathe? Today my husband sweept the front portch and brushed down some spider webs with a broom. I was furious with him as I told him now that the babies are born to make even more of an attempt to stay away. I heard the babies calling out for food 2 days ago, but no more today. I'm so worried for them, and don't know what to do. Anyone with advice it would be extremely appreciated. Thank You. Andrea in NC

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Anything that you may "do " might disturb them. Just be patient.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Mom and dad are there? Then all is well.

They will leave the nest 14 - 16 days after hatching.

You did good!

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Wrens are pretty bold in the bird world. They frequently build nests really close to human activity, so they seem to know what they're getting in for when the babies come. Maybe they instinctively know their little ones will be safer from predators when they live so close to humans.

I had a Carolina Wren INSIST on building her nest in my newly potted hanging baskets this year and even though I took out the nesting material every single day before it really got built, they kept at it. They KNEW I was there, that I knew they were there, and that I kept tearing the nest up on a regular basis. They still wouldn't stop. That says a lot.

I took down that basket and put up an empty, with a bedding of loose dead geranium roots, then put their nesting material on top of that, hoping they'd accept it. They did. They finished it out the way they wanted and now their hanging basket is the closest to the steps and to the front door. They seem perfectly happy with it.

After watching them from my yard as I worked, after a couple of weeks, it seemed they had abandoned it. I never saw them again. One evening, just at dusk, I tilted the basket to peek inside and scared the mother off the nest. Again... not a peep for days. I had to practically camp out at my living room window to catch one of them. I finally am seeing them again, regularly, as the little ones are keeping them extremely busy. They're flying in with lunch and out with fecal sacs all day long, but you never see them if you're out there.

I wouldn't worry about your activity near their nest, like cleaning away spider webs. You wouldn't believe all the rowdy things I've done on that front porch since they moved in. They probably will have one or two more clutches, though, before winter, so you may want to set up an alternative nesting site and see if they'll accept it, if you want to use your front door again.

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This is off-topic, but I want you all to know that I have had a Carolna Wren in my yard up here in SE Michigan for the past two years. Such a sweetheart.

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I, too, have had Wren nests right at my front door; over the porch light which is mounted a foot from the door. For the past 3 years, a family has nested in the top of the propane tank (they nest right up against all the hoses and fittings!) Each day, I open the tank top and take a picture of the nest to record their progress. Parents hop around and go crazy but still return each year and raise the babies there. As stated, they are pretty bold when it comes to nesting where they want!

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