Virginia creeper in lawn

joet57July 24, 2012

Virginia creeper is taking over my lawn. There's way too much to dig and mowing seems to encourage it's spread. I'm ready for the nuclear option, if there is one. Any suggestions appreciated.

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That's odd. I have fought with VC in the past and I don't remember it rooting firmly all along the vine; if you pulled up the main vine, most of the rest came with it. Could you post a picture of how it's growing for you?

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I too was overwhelmed with Virginia creeper. Its all over the neighborhood and spreads from yard to yard. There aren't many gardeners around here, so the non-gardeners don't know that its a problem, it is so pretty looking that they just enjoy it until it overwhelms their property.

If you put the ends of the vine in a container of vinegar that seems to be the only thing that will kill it. You have to put some plastic wrap around the opening of the container so rain won't get in to dilute the vinegar. It will take some time to completely kill it - so be patient. If you try to dig it out, you won't be able to get all of the roots and it will just come back stronger than ever.

Some people are highly allergic to this plant and suffer greatly just from touching it - so be careful. There is a thread somewhere on the GardenWeb about it that is well worth finding and reading.

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Last fall I pulled it out of a couple of trees and a large lilac, now the lawn seems to be thoroughly laced with it. I'm not sure where the ends are. Yesterday I found that if I slide a fork under the thatch I can lift it and then pull by hand. It seems to be rooted everywhere, but I made some progress. If I dedicate some time to this, maybe I can keep it in check. So far, no allergic reaction.

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