Had 6 Baby Swans Hatch

bulldinkie(pa)June 8, 2005

White Mute Swans.Beautiful,Moms taking good care of them.Think we finally won the war on snappers in pond.The cygnets are getting big.She usually has 6 every year ,one year 8.

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May I ask how you won the battle of the snappers? My friend has some in her pond and her three geese got in one time, one got nipped and now they won't go near it. Poor things just hang around the edges and wish for a swim.

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We usually watch for them in spring right about the time the mallards and swans have thier young.We set traps.Quite a few people we know make soup.
Then we took wire fence about 4'tall close weave.We put stakes in every 5' in a retangle.So the mom can let them swim and get on shore.This is under a tree so they have shade.Keep them there till big enough to let out.We sold most of ours.But we found the turtles dont bother them when about the size of a mallard.Could put netting over to so owls etc cant get them...Weve had great success..Turtles can climb fence.I found that out.

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