bird-brained neighbors

paul_(z5 MI)June 13, 2005

Not joking either ... they really are bird-brained. Had a couple of robins make a nest on my balcony. I know this is a forum for wildlife gardens but thought you all might enjoy the pics all the same.

Had to snap this pic of mom at night. She wouldn't stick around for me to take her pic otherwise.

4 eggs in nest

if you look close at the top most egg, you can see the hole where the babe has begun the arduous process of breaking out of its egg

Photo date: 5/30/05

3 have hatched

Photo date: 6/1/05

Wondered if the last egg would turn out to be 'stillborn' but it did hatch a day later.

Photo date: 6/6/05

They do grow fast...not even a week later

Photo date: 6/12/05

Already fledging out.

As of today, 6/13/05, only 2 babies in the nest. 2 have already "flown the coop"

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paisley_tx(z7b TX)

These are a wonderful set of pictures Paul. They're so adorable!! You oughta share these on the birdwatching forum. They'd love it. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Birdwatching forum

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Great pictures. Notice how prominent those mouths are, providing an excellent target for the parents.

My grandma left an old bucket on an apartment terrace once many years ago, and a pigeon nested and raised a clutch of eggs in it. You've never in your life seen anything as ugly as baby pigeons.

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