Animal droppings

joyce75(6b ONT canada)July 16, 2005

I just noticed today a few piles of what I assume are animal droppings in my back yard. They look just like black coffee beans and are in little piles in the grass close to the deck. Anyone have any ideas what animal has droppings like that?

We had a bunny in the yard in the winter but we have not seen it in months and we have the occasional raccoon and possum visits at night. But I have never seen these droppings before. Any help would be appreciated.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

A little hard to guess without a picture - rabbit, deer, porcupine ? Maybe this link will help a little

Here is a link that might be useful: animal sign

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jillmcm(z6 PA)

Little piles of black pellets are most likely deer or rabbit.

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joyce75(6b ONT canada)

Thanks MORZ8. With your link's help,I think it looks like bunny droppings. So far I have been lucky and haven't found anything that has been chewed on so maybe she'll stick to eating the grass, which is fine with me.

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joyce75(6b ONT canada)

Update...I saw the bunny today. Its just a young one, not very big and it seems to live or visit under our deck. The big bunny from last winter ate through the lattice and we haven't fixed it yet so I guess it makes for an easy entrance. It was chewing on grass today which is ok but I am not keen on it chewing on my flowers.

Thanks for the help. Joyce

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i found animal droppings 2inches long, green in color,with pinched end about the size of a silver dollar with no found particles in it. It had no odor. I live in GA a little rural. I have raccoons,deer but it isn't that. Please help me!!It looke like greyish green playdough when opened up. I did find 1 hair about 1 inch long attached to one piece.

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I have sweet peppers growing in large pots. I saw small green pellets droppings about the size of my baby finger nail around the pot. The plants are about 4 1/2ft tall, with the tops snipped off. I live in East Cleveland Ohio, my yard is fenced in. What kind of animal do you think did this?

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Better for you to start your own thread than select a very old post to add your question. Look for catapillers on your plants.

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