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cydonia33(7a)July 17, 2006

I am a novice wildlife gardener in the city of Philadelphia (I am about 10 minutes from downtown, and have lived here almost 3 years). I have many shrubs with berries (although many of them have not flowered yet)... I would like to have a year-round habitat for birds... Can a few of you list the successsion of "berrying" times for various shrubs from spring through winter so that maybe I can fill in the gaps of what I have planted thus far? Besides, I think it would be useful for other newbies striving towards a year-round bird paradise to get a month-to-month berrying chronology... ! Thanks.


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chrsvic(z6 OH)

Well, here's an attempt, from memory:

Red-berried elder
American elderberry
Wild Black cherry
Mountain ash

Here in zone 6, i'd say the berry season starts in June, and lasts til February the following year, although highbush cranberries, junipers, etc may have berries til well in the spring. Variety is good - some crabapples might ripen early fall, others may last the whole winter. Same for viburnums.

I tried to list a link for a book, where the author (Andre Dion) charted the flowering and ripening times for fruiting shrubs/trees. That would be an interesting project to take notes on, when fruits are available, which birds consume what, etc. I've learned alot from watching birds and noticing what plants attract them, as they probably don't read books.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Garden of Birds

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