Mushrooms growing from straw.

barbara_melJuly 11, 2008

I found mushrooms growing from a moist bale of straw. Never had that happen before. Wondering if they are edible. Seem they showed up over night. Just move the bale not even two full days ago. Has anyone experienced this before.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The actual fungal organism has been growing in the bale of straw for some time. Perhaps the moving of the bale to a different location triggered the fruiting event (forming of mushrooms).

Without a one hundred percent accurate identification of the mushrooms, you cannot eat them.

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Thanks rhizo.
I saw the mushrooms at about 7:00am. By about noon after I posted this question they kind of withered or wilted. Could take the sunshine. So I didn't get to get a pic. But I plan to post a pic when I see them again. I am not so eager to eat them Just curious. Thanks

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