ID a vine please

bluebirdbabe(z5 MI)July 19, 2005

This vine has all the characteristics of a raspberry bush except it is a vine. It has thorns and the berries are in a little round flat clump. The berries are about 1/8" and turn black. The birds must have pooped a seed behind some bushes in my garden. Also (I told you I was new to gardening) I have a huge raspberry type vine growing in the other side of my garden. It is alot bigger than the one pictured and no berries. Do raspberries vine out? This vine has runners 5'.I have a bunch of wild raspberry bushes in my back yard and they do not vine out like these bushes. Any help is appreciated.

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Is that a bittersweet? Sarah

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bluebirdbabe(z5 MI)

Sarah, I have no idea what it is. I don't think it is bittersweet because it has thorns all along the stem. The berries will turn black as there is another cluster back further on the vine that have turned black. I have searched and searched and I can't find anything like it. Like I said it looks just like a raspberry bush except the berries are really different. I hope someone knows what it is. If the birds like it, I will move it from behind my other bushes. It is a very pretty vine.

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apcohrs(z5 IL)

I have seen Rubus allegheniensis (common black raspberry) canes that were 15' long. I think that's what you have.

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roseunhip(z5b QC)

I think so too.
I have seen it in the wild pretty often around Montreal, in abandoned farmlands, etc.
And some blackberries species or varieties can be trained to grow more or less like a vine.

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