What are these and how can I kill them?

oscarsonthepondJuly 14, 2014

I started seeing these weeds pop up in my lawn earlier this year. This is my first time having a lawn, so I didn't pay much attention to them, but now they're everywhere! My questions are: (i) what are they and (ii) how can I kill them without hurting my lawn? I put some Lilly Miller Weed N Feed on the lawn about 5 days ago...the lawn doesn't really look greener yet, but it looks like maybe some of the weeds are dying (not totally sure). How long should I wait before I can conclude whether that worked or didn't work? Should I try putting something else either on the lawn generally or just on the weeds? If so, how long do I need to wait? How long should I wait before I weed and feed again? I'm happy to buy whatever and do whatever it takes, but I don't want to fry my lawn either.

I'm a total noob, so any help is much appreciated! Thank you!! Here are links to the two photos:



Here is a link that might be useful:

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That looks like one of the Thistles. The active "weed" killer in that "weed and feed" is triclopyr which does not seem to have much affect on thistles from what I have seen.

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I try not to use very often but ortho weed be gone always works it may take 2-3 applications I had that issue with wild violets and found out it takes 3 applications after mowing it worked and I had a serious problem

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I'd say it's Cat's Ear, Hypochaeris radicata in the first picture, rather than a thistle. In the second you have Dandelion foliage, Taraxacum sp. and subsp. and also White Clover, Trifolium repens. Non- chemical means of control would be mowing to prevent flowering, improving the grass to crowd them out and grubbing out by hand. If you want to use chemicals you could spot weed individual plants rather than douse the entire lawn with herbicide.

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