Overgrown Weeds! Please Help

Alexandra55July 18, 2014

We just bought our house last fall and found our entire side yard is covered in overgrown weeds. When we moved in last September my husband bushwhacked/tore out all the weeds along the side of our yard and sprayed weed killer. (His entire body ended up covered in poison ivy after all that work.) Then this summer the weeds all just grew right back (see picture).

Could anyone please help with suggestions of how to address this problem? Is there a way we can kill off these weeds or suppress them with limited touch (want to avoid the poison ivy)? We are first time homeowners and we're at a lost of how to address this problem.

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You have two issues:

1 - Getting rid of the poison ivy
2 - preventing weed regrowth

Even dead poison ivy causes a rash ... so spot it, spray it thoroughly with glyphosate (the generic ingredient of Roundup, available as "eliminate" at Walmart) or a brush killer STRICTLY following instructions.

When it has died back, put on protective gear (painter's suit and impervous gloves) and remove the dead stuff, placing it DIRECTLY into trash bags and sealing them up.

Monitor the spot for the next couple of years, spot-spraying and disposing of any survivors the same way.

NOTE: Poison Ivy spreads by seeds in bird poop, so you will have to stay aware and kill it as soon as you see it. It will be back!

A thick layer of mulch will minimize weed regrowth.

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I think you'll find that for poison ivy, Roundup will recommend a higher mix ratio. It seems quite resistant to what I use to kill trees and most other shrubby weeds.

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