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RescueJuly 7, 2013

My husband and I rescued some ducks. They were first in a pool and we have dug a pond for them. For a few weeks the ducks loved the pond. Over the 4th, our grand children were here and had gotten into the pond. Now the ducks will have nothing to do with the pond. My husband and I have put the ducks in the pond just for them to get back out. The pond is 50'X25, and 4' deep with a filter. No problems up till the kids had gotten in. What do we do to get the ducks back into the pond?

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Is the filter/pump working efficiently? If the water's stagnant they may not be tempted to step in... I hope an expert tells you what the problem might be.

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Filter is working fine. we clean it out every other day and have a water fall into the pond. There is not anything that will bite the ducks in the pond either. We have some gold fish we put in yesterday just to find out and they seem to be doing great.

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Hmm- I don't know what to say. Have you tried another forum? I thought for sure you'd get more responses by now. Browse the list of forums and may be there's another that might trigger more responses. Good luck.

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What sort of ducks are they? Do you have photos.

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I was thinking- how about sitting at the edge of the pond and try feeding them, while slowly extending your hand over the water with food and very slowly coaxing them back in that way? They may not even be aware since it will be a gradual process and, if by some miracle you get them back in, it'll be a tough call for the water- ducks or grandkids...

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We have 6 white domestic ducks and one mallard that I rescued from work. I tried putting floating food in the pond, we put feeder comets in the pond that are not even half an inch long.We have a large kennel that is enclosed and over hangs the pond by a foot so they have a safe place to get away from raccoons or anything else that may want to hurt them. We put their food in the kennel they would not go in to eat. We put them in the kennel so the only way out was through the pond, no dice, they stayed there 2 days and couldn't get through the pond fast enough. It was kinda funny to watch but I still would like them to enjoy the pond again. This is frustrating.

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This picture shows the kennel that overhangs the pond. As you can see, the ducks loved it before the kids got in.

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What beautiful ducks. I do hope they get over their fright, get bored and eventually go back in- especially on a really hot day. How can they resist?

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