Frog home problem

burntplants(8/9TX)July 4, 2006


I have frogs that live in my side yard. They sing at night. I like them. However, I have to change the side yard and I am worried about destroying their home.

The problem is the A/C. The brush pile is too close (falling over on it!) and it needs to be moved--there is no room there so it's going on the other side of the house. The A/C is not working well becase it is smothered in brush, and it's causing our electric bills to be very high, the lights flicker when it comes on because it has to work so hard, etc. The problem is the brush pile, and it HAS to be moved.

I have lush plantings of cannas, etc next to the fence. My neighbor overwaters, it's a low spot, it's basically a bog garden. I have plans to extend this bed (it's several feet from the A/C) and will be getting bigger the away from the A/C.


Do you think the frogs are in the brush pile, the bog garden (about 6' away), or both?

How can I lessen the impact (on the frogs) of moving the brush pile? (should I do it in stages? all at once? replace it with mulch?)

thank you

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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

Ok, maybe I can actually help someone on here for once.
You say these are frogs---are they tree frogs, "frog" frogs--like leopard frogs, cricket frogs, etc-- or are they toads? Knowing what you have living there in the side yard will make a difference on how to proceed. I know I tend to find a lot more tree frogs in places with available moisture than dry could very well be that you will find more frogs in your hostas than in your brush pile, yet if there's a layer of leaves/loose debris at the base of the brush, you will likely find toads rooted in under there during the day. Hard to say too, since I am not familiar with texas amphibs....
more info would help.
Glad you are concerned about their welfare. I personally worry about every frog and toad in my yard getting underfoot or underwheel.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi burntplants,
I wouldn't worry about disturbing the brush pile, if you have lots of other stuff around the area. They will just go elsewhere. I've found that my frogs and toads like weeds, hostas, daylilies, etc. Any area with lots of greenery will do.......along with the wetness of the area.
When you move the brush pile, just watch where you step and go slowly. I really think they all will be fine.

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