Birds not visiting my new birdbath yet....

karendee(5WestOFChicago)July 10, 2008

I just put in a new birdbath on Saturday (6 days ago) and have not seen one bird in it yet. There are many birds in the neighborhood so I am not sure what I did wrong. The bath is not too deep and is higher in the center and I keep putting fresh water in it each day. There are not any big shrubs nearby just some smaller ones and a small tree.

It is dyed concrete in a green and brown colors and it has a square top. The bottom has a pattern in the concrete. I wonder if the color could be a problem.

Any ideas if I should move it? Alternatively, anything I can do to make it more attractive?

I tried to find a picture with no luck. I bought at Lowes.



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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Build it and they will come!

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thanks Lisa!

My cats are indoor and watch outside a lot I hope they aren't chasing the birds away.

now I need a bird feeder :)


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Hi there.

I recently bought a birdbath also, and have yet to see a single bird use it - though it's in a community garden and not out my back window - so maybe there are big pool parties when I'm not around - dunno.

In my recent research, I've read that water in motion is best - the sparkles and sounds attract birds. Makes sense...

So I am looking to find a small solar-powered fountain. Very small - no dancing waters or anything crazy(!).

Here is a link that might be useful: My Brooklyn Garden

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seanmichael, thanks for the info. I did also put up bird feeders and hope that attracts them even more.

I did see a small very pretty yellow and black bird yesterday in one of my trees. I was so happy I ran to get the camera and he flew away.

My bird bath is in a spot hard to get motion. I was looking into one of those misters/drippers but I wanted solar powered. I have not found one yet.


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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Howdy again. Yes moving water is best. I have a small pond in my yard with several waterfalls and the birds love it! I also have a regular bird bath (heated in winter) that they frequent. I put small rocks in it so they can perch without getting wet and have a nice drink if they want. Sounds like you had a Gold Finch visit, they like Thistle seeds. You can look up Drs Foster and Smith on line, they carry you solar wigglers and misters you may also want to try wild birds unlimited. Sorry I dont have the web addys.

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thanks Lisa! I will look those up.

I have been looking at small water pumps (solar) today too. I will get something working :)

We have black oil sunflower seeds in the feeder. the little bird was so cute the tree he was in was blowing a lot and he just hung on. I hope I see more of them.


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

Hi, I'm usually on the Texas forum. I have a leaky outdoor faucet, not bad, just a little drippy. I got a hose bib to 1/4 barb fitting (hardware store item), and ran 1/4 tubing from the hose bib to my birdbath. It drips about ever second or 2. That's really enough movement to satisfy the birds, and it keeps the birdbath filled so I don't have to remember to add water all the time. The birds may splash the water all out of it, but it refills overnight easily. Very low maintenance, and low cost.

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