Deer raided the bird feeder

dorioh(7)July 31, 2007

My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes the other day. Our resident doe and her twin fawns were visiting the yard and the doe propped herself up on a tree and finished off the seed in the bird feeder. It was actually very fun to watch. Anyone else ever seen this?

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If you want to see some fun attach a block of bird or squirrel food to a chain and hang deer head high. If the squirrels don't entertain you the deer will. Especially now that moma knows where the food is.

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Happens all the time. You'd think they'd get enough to eat while devouring my garden!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the comments. I never would've thought.....
I just might try your suggestion of a seed block on a chain. I just love watching them and never tire of them visiting. We just moved to a 5 acre piece of property, very woodsy, and are keeping it mostly natural. The deer seem to love it here!

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Do not feed to much or all the time because deer become too tame. Also I would swear deer gossip and tell everyone about the best places to get a snack. You could end up with more deer than you want.

I agree about watching them.

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