st. augustine grass and weeds! ahhhhh!

donthavegreentumbJuly 2, 2009

I am desperate need of some help! For the past week I have been trying to work on a flower bed in my backyard and donÂt see any progress being made except for being bitten by all kinds of bugs/spiders, not to mention the backache! My problem is, for the last year (possibly year and a half) my boyfriend has not taken the time to maintain the backyard flower bed. I moved in and knew that was going to be a huge project for me. My problem is, there is St. Augustine grass AND weeds ALL OVER! I would like to know what tool would be appropriate to use that will save me time and be easy on the back.

PLEASE ADVISE! Thanks in advance!

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If you can find a pronged rake or hoe. I use an old 5 tined hand held tool that came with the house and a curved pitchfork like long handled tool called a potato fork/rake. The tines of the potato gaget curve down from the long handle. Both tools I run under the surface and lift. This will help with plants that have runners or fiberous roots.

Another good tool is to go to a second hand store and get a used carving knife. Use it to stick in the ground and move around plants with tap roots. You can cut the tap root on many far enough below the surface that many will not return.

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