Another mystery weed - what is it? How do I kill it?

lunaboydJuly 30, 2010


We've had these plants in our yard since moving in 10 years ago and I have no idea what they are. But they are unstoppable and out of control! They resemble the leaves of a lily and spread via underground runners. They never flower. They seem to grow in clumps. The leaves actually get pretty tall - maybe 2-3 feet (the ones in the foreground of this photo were cut off, but you can see the little shoots with long, narrow leaves/blades coming in on either side of the larger clump.)

We had someone come clear out our flowerbed for us on Monday (just pulled weeds, didn't spray) and now it's Friday, and hundreds of these things are already popping up all over. I need to know how to kill them permanently. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks so much!

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Some sort of daylily, Hemerocallis. May be something nice or could be the orange flowering one that is commonly called ditch lily. Which is probably why the weeder left the plants. Have the weeder come back and pull them up removing root segments and eventually they will be gone.

I would let one of them flower next year then take care of them if you do not want. They will flower when the plant is old enough.

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The person that "cleaned" out that bed did not, you may not have gotten what you paid for. If a plant grows back in that quickly not only were all of the root bits and pieces not taken out but large chunks of root were left in the bed. Many daylilies will spread by roots and if they get too crowded will fail to produce blossoms.

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Thank you both. We did get our money's worth as far as I'm concerned; our entire yard was hopelessly overgrown and it took 4 men 9 hours to get it cleared out. This is just one plant in one small bed, and I didn't specifically ask them to remove these plants. That was my mistake. My guess is that they assumed they were lilies that I wanted to keep. They did a perfect job with everything else so I'm not at all dissatisfied with them.

Knowing what they are and what to do really helps me; I can go out and dig up some of the roots and thin them out, and then see what happens next spring. They have been in for 10 years and never flowered, but perhaps they've always been too crowded. I'll give it a try and see if I get any blooms next year. Thanks for your help!

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