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timtsb(Jersey Shore (7a))July 12, 2014

A family member asked me to weed the area around their pool. I went to take a look at it and it's in much worse shape than I appears it hasn't been touched in years.

At my house I stay on top of my landscaping so I'm not used to dealing with overgrown weeds. I think it's too big of an area to do it all by hand. Do I till it? Spray it? Something else?

(In the immediate foreground of the picture it doesn't look so bad, but you can see towards the back corner it's much denser, and it's a bigger space than just what is pictured here)

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

With a fork you could easily go through the area visible in the photo in less than an hour. Not a little hand fork, a digging fork. Doing it by hand you get to see exactly what is there and leave the good stuff alone. Plus it is the most through method of clearing ground because you can get out the roots of perennial weeds which are often unfazed by chemicals or smothering. You will also be aerating the soil and preparing it well for planting any new stuff.

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Pull as much of the big stuff as you can by hand and then cover the area with cardboard and/or thick layers of newspaper, cover with a thick layer of mulch.

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