The battle of the Titans

shymilfromchiJuly 27, 2012

I have an area behind my shed that is about 15'X 5'. It is surrounded by concrete on all sides. I have a rather large property to care for - its very time consuming. So when Lamium was trying to take over a garden plot, I dug it up and planted pieces of it behind the shed. Creeping Charley was already there in abundance and I told myself that I would try to get rid of it when I had time - of course it didn't happen.

Charley didn't seem to mind the drought and extreme heat, but Lamium would wilt until I felt sorry for it and gave it an occasional sprinkling. This morning's wonderful rainfall meant no digging in the mud and gave me time to just look at everything. The Lamium is so thick that Charley is completely crowded out. But will the Lamium crowd itself out? Which of these giant pains in the neck will win the battle?

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The Lamium will, in the dark of night, make a break for your side yard and make a beachhead there, then use that as a jumping-off point in its never-ending mission to conquer the world.

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I've got my running shoes ready. Perhaps the next experiment should be to see if the Lamium can conquer Virginia Creeper.

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