Pig Weed

gunnysackJuly 24, 2005

This Spring we had a large load of rich black soil hauled into our garden. The veggies have grown like crazy...so has Pig Weed..at least that is what I have been told it is. These weeds are upright some 3 feet tall, with a strong long tap root and they have thorns all along the stem which makes them really mean to pull up.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Don't let them go to seed. Amaranth sets millions of seeds which can live in the soil for several years. Pull it as soon as you see it and in a few years you 'may' get rid of it.


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sazji(8bNW Turkey)

On the other hand, it's delicious. :)

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I agree. Pig weed is much better than spinach. Easy to identify with a dusty look on the back of the leaf. Best for eating if it's under 6" tall.

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Pig Weed, "Amaranthus" species, is often a edible plant and many people do use it as a cover or green manure crop. As you have discovered this is one of many reasons why purchasing "soil" from some place else is often a bad idea although yo udid get one major benefit and that is a source of organic matter to put into that soil. Do not pull them out of the soil but instead till them in.

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