relative of mint? 3 different smells from one plant

tenuviel(MD)July 31, 2005

I hope someone can help me identify this herbaceous weed, it is growing in a 5 gallon pot in rich soil with my majesty palm. Height approx. 13 inches. The leaves are very slightly velvety, thin, light, a cordate, accute shape, and serrated. the mature leaves are about 2 inces wide at the base, and 3 inches long. It is taller than it is bushy. the stems and leaves are light green throughout, except for the 2 bottom most stems, which are lightly tinged with pink. the stems are about 1/4" in diameter. The first smell of the plant is a light mint, chlorphyll scent mixed with garlic. upon crushing the leaves, it has a musky, sharp, somewhat unpleasant smell, and a third smell reveals a very sweet, spearmint like smell. There are no flowers at this time. It doesn't resemble any of the mints i have been able to find pictures for. Is ther any weed that resembles mint. It seems to like growing in my plant pots. On the 4th story of my balcony.

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kesca(z7 VA)

It kind of sounds like the catnip I recently attempted to remove from my garden. Until then I never realized that it has a slight minty odor and that when broken smells something like marigolds, which do not smell all that good.

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I know it's not catnip, I grow it, and it actually smells better crushed, the third time anyway.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Does it have a square stem like most plants in the mint family (Lamiaceae)? There are lots of plants that have fragrant leaves, by the way.

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