No Berries

The2Lees(z6 ON)July 11, 2005

WeÂve got a lot of wild black, pin, and chokecherries, serviceberry, and raspberries, growing at our place, but at least half of them that appear to be mature and otherwise healthy haven't been producing any fruit. I was wondering why this might be (insufficient nutrients?) and what I could do to inspire more fruiting (fertilizer?).


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Are they in full sun?

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Do you do any pruning with the berries? Blackberries, for example, will only produce on 2nd year canes. If you cut them all out, no berries the next year.

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I notice on my serviceberries especially that if they produce one year they don't the next why I don't know even my holly tree doesn't make berries every year more like every four years this year it has berries and the squirrels are going bonkers throwing branches everywhere last time was in 2001 Serviceberries that were berryless last year have berries and vice versa why My guess is they save their energy but that's a very uneducated guess. Sarah

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Serviceberries should produce every year. Same with wild cherries--they're basically fruit producing machines. Ditto the cane fruits. Have they perhaps been gradually shaded out? Nutrients shouldn't have anything to do with it. I never, ever fertilze, just let leaves, twigs, etc. lie where they fall and recycle nutrients back ino the soil.

For hollies, you need male and female plants. Maybe there's a male but not quite nearby enough, so you get pollination only some years.

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That could be and several years ago when the new neighbors across the street moved in they cut down a beautiful holly tree which might have been a male I never saw berries on it. Sarah

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The2Lees(z6 ON)

I haven't done any pruning. Some of the serviceberries have been in the ground a year and produce meagre or no fruit. Perhaps in this case, they're simply too young.

Perhaps the shade has something to do with it. Our cherry trees are on the edge of a thicket, so they are open to sun mainly on one side. To me it seems like they get enough sun, but maybe they don't think so!


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Chokecherries are understory trees; black cherries do quite well at an edge. They should fruit. Is it possible that the fruit disappears so fast (birds) that you don't see it? Do the trees bloom?

Most shrubs and trees take several years to bloom after planting. Cherries and serviceberries take maybe 2-3 years, viburnums quite a bit longer. Depends on the age at transplanting, the site, the species, etc., but I never expect blooms for at least a couple of years. (I buy small, bare-root plants.)

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