Buttermilk Racer

htown(North Houston)July 22, 2005

I saw my first Buttermilk Racer of the year today while I was releasing a Black Swallowtail. Buttermilk racers are my favorite snake. It was a juvenile so actually all I know for certain that it was some sort of young racer, but buttermilks are the only type I have seen here. I am glad that I finally saw one, because I have been disappointed with my snake sightings this year in my yard and elsewhere. Last year was one of the best in a long time though, and there are couple snake encounters that I may never repeat again.

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htown(North Houston)

I caught this buttermilk racer yesterday. I am wondering if he is one of the ones photographed last year because they both had similar spot on thier head. This is the one I caught yesterday. Whenever I released him he climbed up a big thickett of bamboo and then climbed on the top of the carport!

This is the one that I took pics of last year. Do you think it is the same one? I only saw one that was this big until yesterday, all the others were still juveniles.

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Wow thats a cool lookin racer. That second pic is a nice one. I always have trouble gettin a good pic of the adults. The racers in Kansas are greenish to brownish to greyish. Do they all have those spots in your area?

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htown(North Houston)

Yes, the only type of racers that I have seen in my immediate area were Coluber constrictor anthicus(Buttermilk Racer). I have never caught any other type of racer though. Last year at Enchanted Rock I photographed and released a Central Texas Whipsnake. I did not even know what it was until I got back home. I thought it was some crazy type of coachwhip or racer. I had forgotten all about whipsnakes.

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