is this a weed

plantgnome(6b//7)July 17, 2012

I can't figure out if this is a weed or not. The foliage does not have a scent and it has no flowers. It is in a garden with a lot of Agastache, coneflowers and Phlox Paniculata. Please help-so if it is a weed, I can pull it.

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It looks like a mulberry seedling. It's a tree seedling of SOME type, anyway.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

You get a second vote for mulberry, lisanti.

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Okay I pulled it and planted it among my other big trees in my back yard. Will be interesting to see if it is in fact a Mulberry and I get berries from it. I have planted many elderberry, viburnum and dwarf hollys and none of them have produced any berries. If this "free" tree does I'll flip out. LOL

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You may regret letting this tree grow to fruiting size. The fruit make a mess, the trees are invasive, and once you get one going you will pay the devil to get rid of it. Roots are widespread and tenacious, the mess from the berries are spread wide by the birds. Everywhere they perch will get a coating of red poop during the season.

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eewwww-I'll rip it out and dispose of it. I certainly don't need that in my yard with the immense amount of gardens I have. Thanks for the heads up. (ps also found one growing in my drainage gutter along my patio. I guess the birds have been feasting someplace.

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BTW at first I thought it was a hydrangea seedling. Glad I know now.

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