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jacqueinthegorge(USDA 8 / Sunset 5)July 21, 2013

Hi folks, just recently made a new island bed garden and put in a ground-level granite basin (gift from my sister, I certainly can't afford such a thing!). I'd like to add a gravity-fed dripper - no hose spigot handy - but I don't like the look of a 1-gallon plastic jug hanging right over the middle of my new garden.

I have sited the basin just outside the drip line of an old-growth rhody (rhody has been pruned and opened up), so I think I could probably camouflage a jug in the rhody thicket and run the tubing across the ground and up into the basin. I'd appreciate ideas on how to make it look pretty though! - or at least unobtrusive.

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Lily777 _8PNW(8PNW)

Can you hide the jug in a pretty vase / ceramic pot?

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