Woodpeckers in live Tabebuia Aurea Tree

halfwaythereJuly 27, 2014

We bought the house a few years ago. This spring I noticed a Woodpecker in our mature Tabebuia Aurea Tree (Trumpet Tree). It's above my daughter's tree swing so we enjoyed watching it and listening to it peck. It sounds like someone knocking on a door. Well this summer there is a nest and we love watching mom and dad feed the babies through the hole. It doesn't seem to be a hole they bored, but an old knot in the tree, possibly where a branch had broken off. Maybe they bored further inside, I'm not sure. My question is, from all I've read, Woodpeckers bore into dead trees. This tree is a spectacular bloom show in the spring and we noticed this spring's bloom wasn't as showy as last year. Is this a sign of the tree dying? There are lots of green leaves on it now in the summer. Will the woodpeckers damage the tree further? I'd hate to lose this beauty. It must be 30-40 ft tall and provides shade for our hot South-Florida yard. Any advice is appreciated. Like I said, this spring not many flowers. My neighbors who have been here for 10 years said the the tree always blooms beautifully every year except for last year. Here is a pic from 2 springs ago. The ladder is my neighbor removing his remote control airplane from the tree.

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Woodpeckers occasionally excavate cavities in live trees, usually in a dead portion of a live tree. This cavity, as you surmised, appears natural. The birds may have enlarged it a bit to make a more useful cavity but it is hard to know for sure unless you noticed wood chips on the ground below the tree. In any event, their nesting there should not hurt the tree.


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