Is this tall plant a weed or flower?

fampoula(5)July 2, 2013

Can anyone tell me if this tall plant is a weed or flower? This is our first year in our home and I am trying to re-do the front flower bed. I left this because I wasn't sure what it was. It looks similar, though not the same as the goldenrod and other natives we have in the back, so I thought it might actually be something nice. I *did* bump into the tap root when I was planting some other things, though, and could feel that it's very thick, so if it's a weed, I'm in trouble. Also, as it's somewhat of a centerpiece in the front, our neighbors must think we're morons if it's a huge weed, lol!

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It's a weed - mare's tail, or horseweed. Don't let it go to seed, or you will see many many more of them next year.

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