Can someone tell me what this is?

Kathsgrdn(KY)July 27, 2007

This plant is in all my flower beds and in parts of the grassy areas, it's now starting to even come up through cracks in my driveway.

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Weed(OR 6/7)

In the picture it looks a lighter color than I usually see it but it looks like Polygonum persicaria L.,
Ladys thumb, Spotted ladysthumb

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Might be swamp smartweed, a close relative of lady's thumb. Regards, Peter.

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Looks like Pennsylvania smartweed -- does it have little spire of pink-purple flowers? It's a common roadside wildflower that's a weed when it's in the yard. It can get pretty big from a single root, but it pulls right up, root and all, after a rain. Get it before the flowers go to seed. Good luck. Alex

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