unhappy pittosporum

thopkins_grower(8)May 15, 2009

We just planted this variegated pittosporum 3 weeks ago in a mostly shaded area. Even the sun they do get is very filtered. We fertilized immediately with Lady Bug "John's Recipe" and have been watering about every 3 days while the plants get established (esp. since it's already pretty hot outside). Everything we have tried to plant in this spot doesn't seem to make it. We tried a Grecian Pattern plant (acanthus), daisy bush, liriope and now the pittosporum. We noticed the leaves curling under about a week ago and assumed it needed water. I watered it and didn't notice much change. A few days ago I added Lady Bug "Terra Tonic Super" soil activator when I watered it thinking it could be a soil issue. The leaves are curling under even worse now and I felt the soil today and it feels moist. Am I over-watering?

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treelover(z8b SoCtrlTX)

I've got variegated pittosporum along the north side of my house, some of it under an oak (bright to moderate shade) and it seems pretty tolerant of most any moisture conditions. It's right under the dripline of my big roof so it gets *lots* of water when it rains, but can go for weeks without water during our droughts.

I wonder if it's possible that there's some kind of a virus in the soil, since you've have trouble with all those things in that area. You might want to take a leaf & soil sample in to your local county extension agent and see if he/she can figure it out.

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dirtmecnanic(7, NTex/DFW)

I have a pair of regular pittosporum that languished in shade for several years, not growing much at all in height. With the loss of a tree and more sun reaching them, they have really started to get height. I think I would back off the growth enhancers and let the plant sort itself out

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

The problem is light, not enough for the pittosporum and any of the others you tried. Google: low light plants to get a list.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Wax myrtle will take low light. It won't be as full as a sun plant tho. PJ

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

Sounds like a great place to put an oakleaf hydrangea. It's deciduous tho.

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russ2009(9 Texas)

I have 2 variegated pittosporum and they are now 12 years old. The both get full sun from dusk to dawn. We get 100 plus degree temps for weeks here in the summer.The one in the back yard is used like a privacy screen as its 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide. I love it. The one in front of the house is kept pruned to 5 feet and rounded. They get no water except for when it rains. They both are thick and full. The blooms are now at the end. They smell so nice. I dont fertilize anything for weeks after they are planted. They need to adapt to the soil and growing conditions before you need to feed them. Plants have to grow a good root system to be able to get the benefits of the fertilizer.
I hope your variegated pittosporum do well for you as they are beautiful.

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