Upstate New York Weed Unknown

cindy54(z5 NY)July 3, 2005

Hi everyone: this is my first post here I hope you can help me. This weed grows every year at the treeline of my property and beyond.

I have tried searching the web with no luck.

This year I have found wild black raspberry bushes intermingled, which I would like to have but minus this weed.

The stem is hollow and they can get up to at least 2-3 ft. in height. Can these be eradicted without harming the raspberries? What are they?

Thanks for the assistance.

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bcday(z5 NY)

That looks like Jewelweed. Hummingbirds love it, especially if it is the orange-flowered one rather than yellow. It's a self-seeding annual. I tried unsuccessfully for years to get rid of mine before I found out about the hummingbirds. It's also called Touch-me-not because if you touch the plump green seed pods when the seeds are ripe, they explode and throw seeds every which way.

-- BC --

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cindy54(z5 NY)

Thanks for naming it! My young daughters called those pods "poppers" and have most likely contributed to spread of this weed.

This is the yellow flower type and I haven't ever noticed any hummers near them (I have a nice flower garden and they are attracted there)

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bcday(z5 NY)

Yes, children love to play with the ripe seedpods.

Believe it or not, there are GardenWebbers who are looking for seeds of yellow jewelweed. Before you pull all the plants up, if you are interested in trading seeds through the mail, you can save some to swap for something you might be looking for. You can check "have" and "want" trade lists from the Member Services page.

-- BC --

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb Member Exchange Pages

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bcday(z5 NY)

Oops, forgot there is also a Seed Exchange forum!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Exchange forum

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cindy54(z5 NY)

I never even thought someone might want these seeds. I forget when they flower, but I will post a message on the lists you provided when they do Would that be the entire pod?

All those in the 1st picture will remain so I'll have more than enough to go around, lol.

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bcday(z5 NY)

Usually only the dry seeds themselves are sent, minus the pod, chaff, dried flower petals, bits of stem, etc. -- just the way you would find them in a seed packet that you buy.

The Seed Exchange forum has a very good FAQ that will help answer some questions, and if you don't find the answer there, you can post questions on the forum.

I wait until I actually have the dried seeds in hand before offering any, so I know how many I can offer. Usually people expect the seeds to be mailed within a few days after you agree to the trade so it's best to have your seeds ready to be packaged.

I hope I'm not making seed trading sound harder than it is. It's really lots of fun. While you're waiting for the jewelweed to bloom, you can lurk around the Seed Exchange forum and check out people's trade lists on their member pages, and get an idea of how it all works. And have fun!

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