What is it and how do I kill it?

mdlnJuly 27, 2014

Does anyone know what vine this is? It attaches to trees, with those curly things, climbs to the top and takes over - killing the tree. Also, any advice for getting rid of it would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

where do you live?

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Chicago suburb.

Noticed you live in Portland, OR - love it, wish I lived there. :-)

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Looks to be wild grape vine. I get it all over the yard and am constantly trying to get rid of it. Some people still plant this invasive bugger but then don't maintain it. It's difficult to eradicate as it will resprout all along the roots. I mostly just pull, dig and if you use it, some suggest weed-b-gone on the roots. Let me know if you find a good solution...

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THANK YOU, Sirrobyn. Have been reading & looking at pictures. Yes, I think that's it. Looks like it is going to be quite a challenge to deal with. I ''knew'' that when I first discovered the problems it was causing last year and saw it's return this year. Again, thank you!

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