Not really a weed, but: getting rid of a patch of wild ageratum

KateinDC(7a)July 31, 2014

I have two patches of wild ageratum, one of which I want to eliminate because it has spread too much and is in the way of a shrub that I recently planted. I would want to mulch the area around the shrub and sow grass seed over the rest (it's adjacent to our lawn). The area is about 8'x10'.

I imagine if I just pull the ageratum and overseed with grass seed the ageratum will grow back from roots and older seeds. I don't mind a few sprouts here and there (our "lawn" is a mixture of violets, clover, and unidentifed weeds along with turf grass anyway and I'm ok with that as long as it stays reasonably green), but I don't want the ageratum outcompeting the turf completely.

So I'm wondering what else I need to do. Solarize? Put on a thick mulch over the winter? I don't want to use chemicals. Thanks in advance.

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You've probably figured out a solution by now, but when I had to get rid of that plant, I just pitchforked it all up. That got most of the rhizomes, and I was able to just pull out any stragglers when they showed up.

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Thank you. I have pulled it and covered the area in black plastic. I know they say clear plastic is best for solarization, but I will just try to smother it this way. I'll probably leave this in place until next spring, and then till and amend the soil before doing anything else with that area. Meanwhile, I'll have to see how I can keep the second ageratum patch (which has only developed a couple of years ago and has grown quite a bit already) from taking over my perennial bed...

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