Bird do-do on plants!

sage_lover(z6 OH)July 21, 2005

Got a problem. There are MANY birds roosting in a tree. The droppings are all over the plants below to the point it stinks. To the point it may be a health hazard. Bird crap covers a retaining wall 2 weeks after pressure washing it. Enough is enough!

Soon will try using a "squack" box to keep them from roosting there. Gives off loud birds of prey noises to scare them off. Anybody know about these? Do they work?

Also, is there any way to clean all this bird crap off hostas etc.? Tried spraying it off with a hose with no success. Have no idea where to pose such a question, wildlife seemed logical.

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Are they pigeons? Hard to imagine that problem with other birds.

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Crows cause the same problem in the parking lot where I work; I've learned not to park under particular trees! I've also seen this problem, (but short-lived), with certain migratory birds like Waxwings that leave their berry droppings over lawn furniture etc. for a week or two when they pass thru the area.

There was even an article in the Tucson paper a few years back that described the trials that a woman was going thru with a big flock of Turkey Vultures roosting in one of her large trees, (wouldn't want to clean up after them!) I believe that her solution eventually was some sort of distress or predator recording played in the evenings when the birds were settling down...


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sage_lover(z6 OH)

I doupt it is only pigeons. This is happening at a hospital. Someone told me birds are attracted to these types of buildings due to certain noises. Cannot recall the specifics. There is no question that they favor this tree for whatever reason. Recently discovered we have racoons in the area, and cannot help wondering if there is a connection. Maybe racoons eat birds, as they have been spotted in trees and on a fifth floor roof.

Our local airport has fake owls in many places I've been told. Anyone know if this helps? Maybe it works with a squack box.

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