andreajoy(z9 sacramentoCA)July 1, 2005

hi everyone,

i was wondering if you guys might be able to help me with this..i have a GIANT jimsonweed plant in my yard because (without knowing what it was) i let it grow..now it's 5 feet high.

upon looking up this plant, i've read that it's highly toxic and should be handled carefully...is this true or can i just whack it down?

some states require you to call the dept. of agriculture...is it really this serious? when i looked up this plant on gardenweb, it showed people growing it decoratively?

thanks for the help...

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gandle(4 NE)

Here, if we see it in a pasture we just cut it down and take the plant where some horse or cow can't get at it, not that they would willingly eat it unless the pasturage was very thin and they were extremely hungry. Horses though, can get addicted to it and it will kill them.

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Just take a shovel and slice it off at ground level.

They compost nicely.

I'd wear gloves, but that's because the leaves have irritating hairs.

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