ID help please! Monster creeping charlie??

machelle_wJuly 19, 2010

This monster weed is ridiculously invasive with long white tubelike roots that grow horizontally and quite deep. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of them!

This isn't my garden, I found this picture online but it is EXACTLY what has happened to my garden and what this weed looks like. I left on vacation and I had a few that had grown back which were small (1' leaves) and came back 2 weeks later with the entire garden overrun.

Please help garden gurus... no one around here has any clue as to what I'm dealing with or how to solve my problem!


Image link:

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A species of Petasites or Tussilago, more details needed to tell them apart.

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I think it's Tussilago farfara (AKA Coltsfoot)! I do recall seeing a couple of those yellow flowers, but there certainly weren't very many, and no where near how many leaves and individual looking plants there are now.

I would love to provide more information/take some photos today and post them. What information would you need to make a definitive diagnosis?

Does anyone know how to get RID of this horrific thing? I just read that it's listed as a noxious weed and banned in several US states.

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

I suppose you have tried pulling them out?

Since you live in Montreal, you can only get non-selective herbicides are such as Round-Up or Wipe-Out. Be careful not to get any of the spray on the surrounding vegetation. It will take several days to see results, but I think that should kill off most of it and you can reapply if any come up again.

If you prefer not to use a herbicide, then use a vinegar and salt solution. Try to get some Heinz Pickling Vinegar which has a higher concentration of acetic acid than plain white vinegar.

You could also burn the weeds with a blow torch.

Whichever one of the above methods you use, I would first trim about half of the leaves and then treat the remaining leaves.

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