Is this a Weed?

cindysunshine(5b)July 11, 2010

I have been cleaning up some neglected areas of my borders and I had this plant growing rather purposefully on either side of the front walk. I've let it grow - thought maybe it was a feverfew or something. It finally popped out little buds and they ended up with extremely tiny little flowers with a few yellow petals that just rather stop after a bit and never get to be anything. I am thinking I've been cultivating a weed - what one is it?

I'm located in central Illinois between St. Louis, MO and Springfield, IL.

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just a total wild shot in the dark, but could it be the yellow bleeding heart? Most likely not, but who knows? :)

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It looks like it could be Spanish Needles, Bidens bipinnata.

Yes, it is a weed, but if it's any consolation, those are the nicest looking Spanish needles I've ever seen!


Here is a link that might be useful: Google image results

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Wow that is IT. It really is rather pretty in the foliage - and those flowers are exactly right, sortof lopsided puny feverfew.

Thank you so much!!

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The seeds look like marigold seeds but can be a pain to remove from a dogs hair. I like the look of the plant but pull it when it starts to flower.

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Whether it is a "weed" or not depends on whether it is a plant you want growing where you want it to grow. We have that growing in one planting bed and most everyone considered it a "weed" because it was not what they wanted growing there so it was dug out, again. I probably need to take one into our MSU Cooperative Extension Service office for ID one of these days.
I know some people in the area that allow it to grow as a ground cover.

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