difficult to identify vining weed in yard

rudy6897July 12, 2010

I am having quite a time battling a unique viney weed in my St. Augustine yard.

It is a very wirery vine that spreads like a spider web throughout the lawn, and it will choke out the St. Augustine.

When I run my fingers thru the grass to snag the weed, and I proceed to pull it up, it tends to run in lengthy spans and also branch off into other directions.

I tried Atrazine a couple of years ago, and then I tried Image with Imazaqun another growing season.

I have also used Fetilome Dollar Weed Control Plus, which supposedly contains the "latest & greatest" weed killer, Penoxsulam.

Please let me know if you can identify this weed in my pictures.



Image link:

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I have something very similar, but it does not get large enough to start to choke out my Quack Grass. I simply pull it every time I see some trying to be sure I get all of the root since they will grow back from a bit of root.
Where ever it grows and produces the small white flower that grows seeds that the birds eat and deposit all over the place it must grow prolifically.

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I have that up here in New York to and it is Morning Glory. It provides beautiful cupped flowers and I trim it to keep it blooming.

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Yep, Morning Glory

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