Do you consider this prolific?

nugrdnnutJuly 9, 2014

I have 12 varieties of tomatoes planted. As you might expect the cherry tomatoes (SS100, Sungold, and black cherry) are loaded as is the early girl.

My other varieties are 1884, mortgage lifter, Paul Robeson, Cherokee purple, cuostralee, Aunt Ruby's German Green and beefsteak... each having 20 - 25 tomatoes (all in various stages). My Opalka has 25-35 tomatoes on it.

I know that some folks get many more tomatoes on some of their varieties, but are the numbers above considered below average, average (expected production), above average, or prolific?

The only reason I ask is that I want to do my part in maximizing our harvest as we like to give away, eat fresh and can/freeze. So knowing production vs what can be expected can help me in this.

Thanks in advance,

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

But the tomatoes will/should continue flowering and producing more. So the current count is not all they will grow. Some of mine have much less than yours but they are loaded with buds and flowers. It is only early in the season.

Talking about prolific, probably a plant with 20- 25 fruits is not considered prolific. I have one plant (Stupice) probably it has 50 small fruits and a lot of flowers too. That's prolific to me.

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With the heat we are having in the Okanogan valley, I am now having a lot of blossom drop, so not too much more production until it cools some.

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I consider it great if I get about 20 lbs from the plant. Anything below 10 lbs is rather stingy given prime location etc. Sometimes I will settle for less if taste is outstanding.

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This may be considered prolific? Prolific seems to be subjective and defined by what is acceptable to you!

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yes... I've envied your tomatoes Hudson!

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Thanks nugrdnut - I have only planted them in our GH but if you are looking for prolific with great taste - this may be a good option for you (not sure how they perform outside in the garden) - Brandy Boy has certainly been a great variety for us!

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Hudson your Brandy boys are phenomenal! Mine are starting but wow! So today on my Azoychka I counted 23 tomatoes much to my delight. It's just starting to set fruit so I'm hoping it's prolific. Now the question s how long do we let them go so there will be enough time for fruit set and development.
Seysonn, 50 on your Stupice, great work. Of course you were brave enough to challenge the elements. I'll take a few pointers from you even tho our growing condition bob. Thanks for you help and input.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Hudson, You've got a convert.
I disliked any tomato with "Brandy" in the name but now after seeing your comments and pictures about " Brandy Boy" I am sold on it. I will grow it next season.

Sharon, Thanks. Probably I have close to 100 on my Stupice now, from pea size up to walnut size. Sun gold is another one.
I think Stupice is naturally prolific. Depending on the rest of season and taste, I think it has already reserved a spot in my garden for the next year, just next to Brandy Boy: -)

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Seysonn - It is worth a try - you live in a cool climate - BB has done well in our GH at cold temps. It sets fruit well at temps over 50 degrees and is the first to ripen of all the varieties we plant - no cat facing or BER. The fruit is plentiful and has a good mix of fruit size without pruning fruit. The variety may not perform for you in your outside garden and climate but I think it is well worth - at least trying a plant or two. It loves to climb and has done well with heavy and/or light pruning. I have not tried growing the plant without pruning suckers. It does need a good support system and is heavy stemmed.

Sharon - please keep us posted and let us know how your BB's do at your place. Are you growing them in a GH? It will be interesting to see how they compare with our plants. They are also a great tasting, good sized and attractive looking fruit - I think?

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Hudson, I'm in awe. Mine are outdoors in a 20 gallon smart pot in a soilless mix. As a seedling it was very robust. I'm getting good fruit set, and I'm wondering about pruning some of the smaller toms but for now I'm leaving everything as is. I am removing some lateral growth. I planted out a bit later than I had hoped and we had some intense heat and humidity for a stretch but now my tomatoes seem to be going in the right direction. I will keep you updated for sure. I'll tell you, if I love these, no more brandy wines for me. I'm growing brandywine otv this year and boy is it slow!!!!and not very productive at least for me.

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